Frequently Asked Questions

Abc Translingua FAQOn this page you shall find a whole host of questions that we are often asked. Please browse through the list to see if we can help answer any question about our services you may have. If you cannot find it in the list below then please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Which languages does Abc Translingua work?

We translate into almost any language across the globe. We hold a list of tried and tested professional translators, translating mostly from and into their native tongue. The intended quality level of a translation does in our opinion very often depend on the use of native speakers as they have a special feel for their own language.

What do you specialise in?

•  Translation of any type of general document, from small emails to business letters, etc.
•  Translation of any legal, technical, or medical document.
•  From short telephone conversation to complex conference interpreting.
•  Certification of legal documents.
•  Web Site translations.
•  Foreign Property Specialists.
•  Project Management in several languages

Why choose a Company rather than a ‘freelance translator’?

It obviously depends on the kind of job but if you want translating and interpreting involving several languages, it may be better. The added value that a translation company offers such as: translator selection, project management, quality control, file conversions, standardised presentation of multilingual projects, etc. carries a price-tag but can save you hours of work.

What typesetting services are you offering?

As a general rule, our translations will be presented in the same format as the original. For more complex lay-outs, involving illustrations, diagrams and graphics, we offer a typesetting service in most languages. Rates are calculated by the page based on the complexity of the lay-out. We work with a wide variety of leading DTP Software. For more details, contact us.

How much will it cost? Will there be additional charge for complex lay-out?

Abc Translingua usually charges per thousand words of source language, the language that has to be translated. This number can be easily assessed on electronic documents by going to tools and then Word count. Higher rates will apply to more complex documents requiring specialised glossaries and vocabulary. For example a technical or legal document will be more expensive to translate since more research is usually involved and more time spent translating. Some languages like Chinese or Japanese require special equipment and therefore command higher prices. Please refer to the charges page.
In the case of more complex lay-out the final cost will depend on the time spent achieving the task rather than the number of words. For example, if tables and graphical material are to be incorporated with the text.
The added cost will be made clear from the beginning. A separate quote may be sent for any specific graphic designs or lay-out requirement.
As a fairly new Company we do not charge VAT, which makes us highly competitive.

In which format is the translation to be provided?

We aim for speed and efficiency and can send you free of charge the translated material in your preferred format, usually by email or disk, but at your request we can equally offer you a printed version. In this particular case there will be additional postal charges, especially in the case of recorded delivery, courier fees or for items posted abroad.

Is the source text, reference material to be returned?

Any material sent to us will be returned on request.

Into what variant language is the translation to be made?

We do recognize that some languages, although very similar in essence, vary according to the parts of the word where they are used; for example, the English language varies when spoken in England, America or Australia.
Abc Translingua will therefore always try to find appropriate translators and interpreters.

How is payment to be made?

We accept payment by cheque or bank transfer. In some cases cash is acceptable. Foreign payment may carry small additional charges as banks tend to charge more for transfer. In any case, the client will be notified of these charges.

How is confidentiality going to be adhered to?

Confidentiality will be totally respected. Agents in connection with confidential information will be made aware of it and requested to sign a contract. In case of breach of contract they could be sued in Courts successfully.
As a rule we make a point of not selling or transferring the information you sent us to outside agents unless required to do so in order to complete the work that has been submitted to us.

Are Copyrights always adhered to?

We have a policy of strongly respecting Copyright and always ask original sources for their permission to republish their materials, and informing them on published materials.

Do you have any more questions? Contact us.