Translation Quote Help

Source Language

The Source Language is the language FROM which the text is to be translated. In other words the current language of the text.

Target Language

The Target Language is the language to which you’d like the text to be translated into.


Please state a date that you would like the translation to be completed by. You should bear in mind that the translation is performed by qualified translators, not machines, therefore we will endeavour to respect your deadline but it cannot always be guaranteed. If this is the case you will be notified.


Select the subject that best fits your document. If none of the subjects fit and your text is for a letter containing no specific criteria, then select General. If the Subject criteria is fairly complex but not in the list, you should select Other.

Text (to be translated)

Type in or paste the text that you would like to be translated in the box given. Please note that the maximum amount of words is 250 and that you will pay for 50 words even if you have less.

Terms & Conditions

Checking the ‘yes’ box signifies agreement with our terms & conditions and is necessary for the form to be submitted.

Basic Quote

The basic quote, as stated in the terms & conditions, is as a rough guide only.


Your email address is vital if you wish to submit your text and quote to us. This is because unless otherwise stated in the notes section, this is the method that we will send you the completed translation. If you would like it back in a certain format e.g. ‘.doc’ then we may be able to send it as an attachment, however we regret that we cannot return in ‘.pdf’ format. All translations are aimed to be sent back the same working day as the request.